Our priorities for the house brought us to an understanding of the principles we want it to follow, which led to our plan for the elements we want to include.

All well and good, but realistic plans inevitably shift, sometimes as a result of difficulty, sometimes as a result of opportunity.

So this is our get-real moment. Here's where we determine what it takes to pragmatically pull off the real-world execution of our plans.

For anybody wanting to more or less accomplish any part of what we're doing, this is where we document how to really get these things done.

Getting Elemental

Here's what you can expect from this section:

As you explore these sections, you may want to know more about the gear here. Our Products section reflects a different organization of its information about those products than this or earlier sections, but we think you can find what you need (and in any case, the Search feature up top can help).


Newstips Swoosh TM 210

Editorial Project House

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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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