Security Elements

House keyWe could address passive security elements, like being 400 feet back on a 5-acre lot. We could address circumstantial security elements, like being inside a gated community. Somehow, though, we think your interests lie more in the active security elements that are part of our specifications and plans. Expect some overlap with our Privacy Elements and Safety Elements.

We can group these under Physical Security (against intruders on-site), Electronic Security (cyber safeguards), Operational Security (stopping snoops) and Fire Security (don't burn, baby).

Physical security

Razor wire security fenceKikgard installationYou won't see chain link or razor wire; we deliberately avoid physical security measures in the large front yard (though we are aggressive about surveillance). The back yard has nothing remarkable in terms of fences and gates. Our primary concerns with physical security focus on doors and windows. A veteran law enforcement friend tells us that the most likely points of entry to a house are an unlocked door, a locked door and a window, in that order. Kikgard plates (shown at right) make exterior doors close to impossible to kick in.

Electronic security

Kerio NG500We've long been believers in firewalls for cyber intrusion prevention, and in recent years, make that hardware firewalls. A firewall can prevent the inside network that connects our controllers - as well as the inside network that connects our surveillance cameras - from being the least bit accessible from the Web. It can also keep them separated from our work and play computers, so there are no back doors.

And we always run antimalware.

Operational security

Lady spyPhysical security will stop ill-intentioned people at your doors and windows but it may not stop them from looking through those windows or listening at those doors.

But no one lives in a vacuum - every house has visitors - and most visitors bring risks.  Locking desk drawers and small safes are effective deterrents to some snooping.

Vigilance isn't always thorough and isn't always practical. Judgment can sometimes err. Homeowner’s insurance may help.

Fire security

Fire dogWe probably wouldn't want to live in a place that's completely, utterly, irrefutably fireproof. But we do a lot in support of fire security:

Earlier alerts to fire, even at pre-combustion temperatures, creates extra time to get people out of the house and, hopefully, out of danger.



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