PinballEffector (Actuator) Use

Thanks to actuators, the house has deeds it can actually accomplish without requiring human participation.

It can lock and unlock exterior doors and the doors between the garage and the house and between the garage and the bonus room. It can open and close the garage doors when doing so is appropriate and deliberately dodge doing so when it is not appropriate. It can help you park exactly where you want to park. It can let other occupants know when you make it home OK.

In can turn on or off or adjust indoor and outdoor lights. It can alert occupants to the arrival of visitors, mail or packages.  It can remind you to close the door to a vacant room.

It can instantly initiate multiple defensive measures in the event of a fire. It can adjust the ways that heating and cooling impact the house, providing more comfort where people use spaces and reducing energy costs overall by relaxing settings in vacant spaces. It can tend to the lawn and gardens with exactly the right amount and timing of water usage.

It can help protect the house by turning on all of the bathroom, shower and kitchen exhaust fans to reduce the interior air pressure when drops in outside air pressure are imminent.

It can turn off water to the house when a leak can lead to serious damage.

It can warn you when something is wrong with ventilation or insulation.

It can stir the air in rooms with uneven temperatures.

And as new actuator facilities become available, the system can grow to extend its recognition and understanding of what's happening at the house to intelligently provide ever more self-adjustments to the needs of its occupants and its structure.



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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
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