One thing we're painfully learning is that the more progressive the design, the slower with the progress in accomplishing this. Getting a final floor plan finished, for example, took almost a full year.

As the house begins to manifest itself, we'll add photos and videos to this section.

More recent content will appear on this page and we’ll set up tabs beneath to maintain an archive of what’s been on this page as we move down the calendar.


Building permitWe got the building permit (left). and we got a “draft” rendering of what the finished house will look like, more or less: (below)Standard Dec 15 2016  and a story in the local paper (right)

Rendering front view v1

We also cleared the footprint of the house and the driveway.


Marty on Computer America showing ultrasonic distance measuring headMarty shows a grommeted ultrasonic head on Computer America, and gets them mounted on single-gang electrical plates, ready for mounting in the garage ceiling.

Ultrasonic plate front

Ultrasonic plate rear









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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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