Noritz NRC98Hot water heater

Noritz NRC98-OD-NG

The overall best tech in contemporary hot water systems comes with tankless water heaters, which are significantly more efficient because they are not constantly working to keep a big tank of water always at a deliverable temperature. A tankless hot water heater is a just-in-time system that begins heating water the instant there's demand for hot water and is extremely efficient at getting the water hot quickly, essentially instantly. We chose not to configure for a recirculation system since that also means maintaining higher temperatures for gallons of water stored in the pipes; our most frequent usage of hot water happens at end points relatively close to the water heater.

The Noritz NRC98-OD-NG is not just tankless; it's a condensing tankless model, meaning its cold water source gets routed so exhaust heat in the flue preheats it; with less of a difference left, it needs less fuel to reach its the target hot water temperature you set. This is a natural gas model, and Noritz tells us that gas heats water 50% faster than electricity and delivers higher flow rates.

When hot water tanks get tapped for all the hot water they can deliver, their recovery time can be inconveniently long; with a tankless hot water heater, the hot water supply is endless. This unit is rated for a 9.8 gallon per minute flow and 180,000 BTU of heating & a 0.92 DOE Energy Factor. This Noritz online product page has tables that do a good job of presenting key information about this NRC98-OD-NG condensing tankless outdoor natural gas model.




How tankless works


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