Bio-Microbics Micro-FASTSeptic tank aerator

BioMicrobics MicroFAST 0.5

A septic tank works by digesting wastes, a function handled by bacteria. The indigestible masses sink to the bottom as sludge, which must be periodically pumped out. The more thorough the digestion, the more slowly the sludge accumulates. Liquids float atop the sludge and eventually feed out of the septic tank and into a drain field, designed to help the natural process of that effluent getting filtered as it soaks down through the dirt and into the aquifers below. It's a time-proven process, and again, the more complete the initial digestion of the wastes while in the septic tank, the cleaner the effluent that flows into the drain field.

The BioMicrobics MicroFAST 0.5 is a system that installs into a septic tank and connects to an external air pump. In operation, the fluids in the tank get pumped into an aerated (ergo oxygenated) shower that falls onto an array of horizontal and vertical surfaces, optimized to encourage bacterial growth. With the burgeoning population of bacteria to conduct the work of digesting the wastes in the tank, that process becomes much more aggressive and more complete digestion  results..

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Bio-Microbics air injector

BioMicrobics Air Injector

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Bio-Microbics Micro-FAST

BioMicrobics MicroFAST 0.5

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BioMicrobics MicroFAST

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