StormSurvivability fields Acts of Man against Acts of God

This is not a religious discussion; we use the term “Acts of God“ exactly the same way as the insurance companies, referring primarily to storms and adverse weather as threats to the safe and quiet habitation of a house.

And survivability is not absolute. While this is not historically an earthquake zone, they could happen. A large meteor or giant chunk of falling space debris could smash into the house; both are long shots but could happen.

And this isn't about becoming a survivalist bunker, or fortifying against a Zombie or alien invasion, or even surviving acts of war. It's just about building a house able to withstand the perils of extreme weather, mostly winds and rains and lightning storms, that are an established if occasional part of the local climate.

Immediate and long-term survivability

Ruined roofSurviving a storm generally means surviving high winds, intense rains, lightning and, potentially in the aftermath, high water. Trees come down and some burn, dams can burst and power will probably be interrupted. Repairs will take a while as a result of how many homes will also feel the impact. of major storms

One principle for surviving those is to build for protection. Our build site is uphill and the slope will shed most water, but the foundation needs its own protection. Roofs have to stay put. Walls have to stay intact. Lightning has to be diverted away from doing damage. And we have to be distanced enough from trees to reduce the likelihood of threats from them.

Another principle with both immediate and long-term impact is to build in protection, using materials and techniques that are impervious to the cycles of high temperatures, strong UV exposure, high humidity, dry/low humidity, over- and under-abundances of water in the soils and so on.

Our third principle, made possible because this is an cybernetic house, is to adapt for protection. You'll better understand what we mean by that once we drill down into the details.



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