JoyBeyond safety and caretaking, a home has to be about enjoying life

We started this project with a gorgeous wooded 5-acre hillside lot offering a spectacular view of rolling, verdant countryside.

The kitchen, master bedroom, front guest bedroom, front porch and bonus room office all share that view.

The backyard is only halfway into this property. It offers a dedicated run for the dog, a grill and maybe a pool.

Satellite view of lotDonny Hooks of Cold Creek Nurseries is working on a site plan to incorporate flowers and other plantings to add color. The trees are full of bird songs year-round. Its the kind of place where you feel yourself unwinding just by driving up.

The indoors are no less accommodating. The technology is deliberately unobtrusive. The walls and floors within the house may be  made using engineered products but we're choosing finishes that evoke a sense of warm, familiar, lived-in charm.

The layout overall lets us be as lazy as we want one moment, as active as we want the next. The restaurants of downtown Aiken are, surprisingly, just 5 miles away.

This is not a connected home, where you remotely control everything, turning you into its caretaking servant. This is an autonomous home that to great extent, takes care of itself. Its design, its materials and its build are all about taking repairs, replacements and many chores off the table. And its reduced energy costs leave a little more money for an occasional night out.

From a strictly cold-blooded, totally engineering-centric, devastatingly pragmatic perspective, look at it this way: living and enjoying life has always been a major component in the formula for this house, a key strand of the project's DNA.

We're trying to write the recipe for what a happy place can be.

When we're done, you can decide whether we got the flavor right.



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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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