Easy rockerComfort and taking it easy need each other

In part, comfort is about the ability to relax, or maybe it's just that when we are comfortable, the urge to relax tends to follow.

So let's be more clinical.

Comfort is having just-right levels of temperature and humidity and the right amount of light.

Or maybe we should address comfort as the absence of discomfort: not too hot ... not too cold ... not too humid ... not too dry ... no glare ... lighting that's not too dim and not too bright ... no unpleasant noises ... no unpleasant odors ... no bad tastes in the drinking water ... no long waits for bathing water ... no bugs in the house ... nothing sneezy in the air.

That's what we keep in mind while working through the HVAC design and implementation, the hot water system, the lighting control system, the window treatments, noise-reduction designs in walls and flooring, separate treatment for washing water and drinking water and all the other pieces and parts.

Even the pets get their own bedroom so they can be comfortable at night but still isolated from the house, while allowed outdoor egress to a dedicated run with a special pet door that unlocks only when it senses their chips. Meanwhile, we can rest assured they won't be climbing, shedding or sharpening their nails on the furniture.

The front porch has room for benches or chairs or rockers and ceiling fans to create a breeze.

So does the screened lanai at the rear, with a backyard environment beyond.

And while Marty hasn't done anything about it, he still talks about setting up a small, remote gazebo with just enough room for Scotch and cigars with friends.

But this is a section about principles, so let's bend it to that perspective:

Its principally easy to come up with reasons to get a home to indulge your comforts. And since you have to live there, you should.

As we recently told a friend...

So we include comfort among our principles because if we should fail to include it, its absence would be significant.


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