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This is a long page - hang in there - we'll try to keep it tight.

The tabs within this section parallel those in the Principles section, where the discussion is mostly about philosophy and strategy, and we suggest you read those before coming here. This section is more about tactics; it addresses our plans to make our vision come true.

Under this section, we address:

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Go one level deeper under the More tab and we'll get into pragmatic discussions:

Blackadder sneerWe've seen too many episodes of the British comedy gem Blackadder to claim that we have a cunning plan.

And we respect Murphy's Law too much not to have backup plans.

At this point, the thing we're lacking is an escape plan. We hope not to need that.

But no plan is foolproof until you think it is, at which point it's proof that you're the fool.





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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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