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A military theater officer has to coordinate overall operations across a region while field commanders get a lot closer to the specifics of each unit's operations. Like that theater officer, our other discussions of plans cover broad thematic interests representing the overall tactics for reaching all of the many goals, principles and priorities for the build.

We separated out this “More” section as a way to take cross-sectional views of specific  elements of the build:

Architect's scaleThere is no such thing as a perfect floor plan, but experience can help resolve past dissatisfactions.

Here's where we show and tell about the design of the house and its layout of spaces.

You'll also see elevation views of the house and learn about some of our tweaks.

Surveyor's TheodoliteYou start with the official plat of your land. And you go walk it with the builder.

The house plans have to be done and locked down before calling a surveyor. The surveyor finds the corners of the property and pins them. He looks at the slopes and elevations, the water flow and more, then pins where the corners of the house should go and plans where the septic drain field needs to be.

Grading comes next to ready the area under and around the house site, then excavation to build the foundation. Plans for driveways, curbside amenities and the yard come later. That's all before the landscape planning.

Young plantWhich trees can be saved and which should go? What underbrush, weeds and undesirable vegetation have to be cleared away? How much yard is left to work with? How much will turn into lawn, how much into garden?

The intricacies of landscape planning are complex and beyond our ken, so we brought in a professional.

Here's where you'll learn the desires we expressed and, eventually, will see how he interpreted them into planning and outdoor features that remain consistent with the goals of this project.

Water in wooden bucketThere's no piped city water service here; we need a well to reach the lower of two aquifers below. The well needs a pump, a well casing and piping to get its water to the house. Irrigation (lawn and garden watering) gets tapped first.

Inside, the water goes through a treatment system. The cold feeds both to a distribution manifold and to a circuitous route to the hot water heater, involving a temperature-buffering storage tank in the attic and a heat exchanger under the master shower drain. The water heater also feeds to the distribution manifold. And the lines from the manifold to the usage points are all insulated. Here's where you'll learn the details.

Flush handleWaste water and everything it carries have to be handled on-site; there's no municipal sewer service here to carry it all to some remote processing facility. We're long familiar with septic systems and the one we're adding here is amazing. A large polymer tank is much less vulnerable to damage than traditional concrete boxes, and a companion aeration system accelerates the growth of the bacteria that do the welcome work of digesting what's there, meaning a cleaner effluent and fewer problems.

Stay tuned

We'll be adding more such sections here as those plans come a little more together.





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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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