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Our build site does not have access to municipal sewer lines, which makes us dependent on our own septic system.

There are advantages to that (beyond not getting sewer bills). Septic systems assist in hydration in the areas of their leach fields, which helps a small amount in the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen, in a small contribution to evaporative cooling and in discouraging erosion through surface water runoffs.

Every septic system has some limit on capacity.

Infiltrator septic tankSpecifying a system with more than the minimal necessary capacity helps prevent most of the annoyances you may have heard about septic systems and can help a system run healthier, longer. Sensors can help monitor some of the points in a system where concerns may arise, but careful planning and installation can keep most such concerns (like collapsed fields) at bay.

The Infiltrator Systems Micro-FAST dual-zone (two-chamber) septic tank (left) allows slightly better treatment (think of it as more complete “digestion”) of sanitary waste than a single-chamber tank.


Bio-Microbics air injectorBio-Microbics Micro-FASTThere are many parallels between the way our bodies process food and the way a septic tank processes sanitary waste. In both cases, bacteria act on  the contents to break them down. Solids pass one way, liquids another, and each receives appropriate handling. And in both cases, the prosperity of those bacteria are keys to health.

In the Bio-Microbics system, an air pump (left) bubbles through the fluids in the tank in a specially prepared bacteria “nursery” area (right). As a result, the breakdown  of the contents is more complete.

That leaves fewer solids to settle to the bottom (the root reason that septic tanks need occasional visits by clean-out services, so those can happen less often) and the fluids that get sent to the leach fields are relatively cleaner.

Insinkerator Evolution ExcelWe're still exploring our options for the leach field; we'll share once we know our best answer.

Before we leave the topic, there's one more parallel to human digestion: how well we chew our food makes a difference in how easily we digest it. Our garbage disposal is an Insinkerator  Evolution Excel. I

t is at once their quietest model, the most powerful of their consumer products, essentially jam-proof and, directly metaphorical to chewing, it has an extra grinding stage (visible in the cutaway at right) so the garbage that passes through it comes out more finely ground than with any other disposal we've seen or tested.





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