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We had to wait until we got the pegs placed for the corners of the house and the septic and perhaps the water well plus the driveway path. Those details are now in the hands of Don Hooks of Cold Creek Nursery. Don is contributing his services as a landscape designer for this project.

It's interesting to hear his reasons for providing his veteran professional help:

His clientèle (at least some of them, to some extent) has been slow or reluctant to adapt to the benefits of technology in support of their own landscaping goals; the example of what we'll make happen with this proof-of-concept house is something that, Don says, may help them understand.

We also face some unique soil challenges here - much of it is sandy, some of it is clay, and our lot found a way to turn both into cottage-cheese mud. It gets even more interesting.

When you try to measure the effectiveness of watering, the standard probes tend to be inaccurate, bamboozled by high humidity levels and morning dew. That leads to watering that starts and stops at less than optimal moments. We hope to find a better technology for soil moisture monitoring, and if we can, Don wants to offer it to his clients.

It's still early days on this part of the project, so this section may take a while to grow




  • Energy miserly
  • 40-years-maintenance-free
  • Cybernetic
  • Proof-of-concept house
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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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