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It took us a year to get our floor plan to where we wanted it to be.

Notice in the image at the top margin that there's a front-facing 3-car garage on the left with a gable up to; there's an entire second floor bonus room up there, plus a breezeway connecting both to the main house and the main house has had some walls bumped out to allow a little less tightness in the space.

Powell planAs a comparison, if we had built from the original plan, it would have looked like this. It's a nice enough house but the floor plan felt small to us.

The difference is only a few hundred square feet in the house itself, but the floor plan images below provide some idea of the changes we made. You can get the full build plan 9-page PDF here.

 Main floor planBonus room floor plan

The left plan shows the bonus room, above the 3-car garage. The stairs to the back yard are to the left, then, right, across the top, the lavatory with a utility sink outside, a storage room (mislabeled “office”, a workout room, an office (mislabeled “storage”” and the stairs to the breezeway that connects to the house. The bottom of the space is the front of the house and will be occupied by a new office for Newstips, test benches and a soundproof booth.


The right plan shows the 3-car garage, left, connected by a breezeway to the house. The next section has at the top (toward the back yard) a room for the pets (including a chip-operated, curfew-respecting flap door), a laundry room and a powder room. A door across the hall connects to the master bath with shower and walk-in closet, and at the front, the master bedroom. The next section over, top to bottom (back to front) has the lanai (marked “screened porch”, dining room, kitchen and pantry. Next to that the great room and foyer. And finally, on the right, the Jack & Jill guest bedrooms with shared bath.



NOTICE: Copyrighted design

The design of this house derives from the #1281 house plan, a copyright property of Don Gardner Architects, Inc., and licensed for this one-time build. Some illustrations, including PDFs and images of floor plans and elevations and also including illustrations developed from the licensed AutoCAD file of those plans, are provided with the explicit permission of Don Gardner Architects, Inc. and while we may provide permission for their consequent use in editorially reporting on the house, or in incorporating discussions of the house in educational materials, in no case is any permission granted to replicate this copyrighted house plan.

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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
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