JoyPlanning for Enjoyment

Let's go with the theory that people will find joy if they're not burdened with other concerns. So maybe we start by eliminating many chores. Here are some of our plans for that.

    Checking the mail: We don't mind fetching the mail, if the mail is really there; our automation will notify us when there is mail and when there isn't.

    eHang Ghost Drone in flightChecking the gutters: Climbing ladders can be dangerous. Crossing roofs can be dangerous.  Guarded gutters are in the plan, but just in case, we'll have an eHang Ghost Drone 2 (left) able to fly a programmed patrol route around the gutter line and send back video.

    Watering the lawn: We'll have an automated irrigation controller that pays more attention to actual and forecast rainfall than to the date and time, and we hope to modify it to pause sprinkling when automation sees somebody in one of its zones, and when the wind is too strong to allow sprinkling to be effective.

    Mowing the lawn: The best answer for that is a landscaping service, but we may also try to bring in a robot lawnmower.

    Grilling out: Always fun, but subject to getting really hot in the South Carolina sun; we can use electric misters to help.

    Swimming pool: We'll probably add one, though not necessarily before we debut the house.

    Gardens: You bet.

We have not yet figured out an effective plan for gaining additional comfort through the winning of a lottery.







  • Energy miserly
  • 40-years-maintenance-free
  • Cybernetic
  • Proof-of-concept house
Newstips Swoosh TM 210

Editorial Project House

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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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