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ar135385710191971The place we chose to build is in Aiken County, South Carolina, about 5 miles from  downtown in the small (population around 32,000) city of Aiken.

It's on a 5+-acre hill in a gated community, Goodsprings Plantation, with a sprawling view of rolling countryside.

The 500-acre property directly across Goodsprings Road is a preserve, so that view will never change.

While we have no plans for horses, the properties here are large enough to accommodate them, and the Home Owners’ Association rules permit them.

lot 14 riding ridge

Our hilltop has both deciduous and evergreen trees and excellent soil with a lot of sand.

The aquifer below is extremely clean and capacious and unchallenged by surrounding areas, which are served by city water. This property gets served by well and septic.

Our build site




The view of the property, above, faces southwest flipped  the plat to the right upside down to look in the same direction. The white plat code near the center is near where the center of the house will be.
Lot 14 Google Earth

Unlike the other images, the Google Earth image (above left) was taken when leaves were on the deciduous trees. There's a lot more green during the spring, summer and early fall. Note the dot on the Google Earth view on the left is at the top of the same “male pattern baldness” shape that's visible in the plat, along the eastern property line..

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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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