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We are already enjoying significant support from many of the best and brightest firms that make products relevant to the themes of this project house. We try to reward their participation with significant press coverage and integration of product narratives and information into this site. We also plan to develop a medallion asserting the selection of a product for this 40-year house. Please download the About document, below, for a  concise telling of what we're doing and why you may want to get your products included.

And we make this promise: No matter how deeply inside the structure a product may be hidden, we will make it visible, explain its benefits, describe its role in narrative, showcase how it interacts with chains of consequence in the design, provide its dossier and your contact information and do everything possible to bring widespread press attention - and thereby broad visibility - to its role in this project.

No money

Here's an excerpt from that About document:

There may be opportunities for participation beyond just the products, where we invite a presence at the debut media event in exchange for some underwriting of its costs - things like catering, press shuttles from the airport and so on. We're also willing to discuss sponsored underwriting of out-of-pocket costs (cement pours, plantings, crew labor, permitting, photography, video, etc.) in exchange for a share in the extraordinary press spotlight we believe will shine on the debut media event. We can even discuss naming rights.

In short, we are open to discussing participation that reduces our costs in accomplishing this build but we are not asking to receive revenues or to profit from the project - and we want it to make complete sense for everybody, not just us.

The files

The titles below link to the named PDF files:

    About the Newstips Editorial Project House: a 4-page briefing and a request/invitation for participating by providing products to the project; we're only asking products, not payments; and the last paragraph addresses a fairly sweet quid pro quo.

    Full house plan: This has the floor plans, elevations and much more in a 9-page PDF file.

For additional information, contact Newstips Bulletin Editor Marty Winston +1.803.642.6664




NOTICE: Copyrighted design

The design of this house derives from the #1281 house plan, a copyright property of Don Gardner Architects, Inc., and licensed for this one-time build. Some illustrations, including PDFs and images of floor plans and elevations and also including illustrations developed from the licensed AutoCAD file of those plans, are provided with the explicit permission of Don Gardner Architects, Inc. and while we may provide permission for their consequent use in editorially reporting on the house, or in incorporating discussions of the house in educational materials, in no case is any permission granted to replicate this copyrighted house plan.

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Editorial Project House

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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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