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Bringing energy and other savings to existing homes

Retrofitting the house you already own to cut your energy bills to maybe 40% of what they are now and delay expensive repairs or replacements for as long as 40 years.

We started in 2015 by designing a proof-of-concept 40-year-maintenance-free energy-miserly cybernetic house; the fundamentals of that design are still here, under the “Original 40” tab. But we kept getting questions like: What can we do with the house we already own to see the same kinds of major reductions in energy costs, and to put off expensive repair or replacement bills for years to decades? Also: What if we don't live in an idyllic climate like South Carolina?

SPRING 2019: Individual projects to help cut costs for existing homes

Wool scarfIce dam CUWe're house-hunting in the blizzard belt, seeking a house that can be our “poster child” for individual, self-contained projects with the promise of cost reductions that (within maybe 2 years) can, in many cases, save more than they cost. We'll try to keep individual project costs under $2,000 - and that's without asking you to be a do-it-yourselfer. Our projects will also address safety issues, dodging problems beyond the bills and living more comfortably.

UNTIL THEN: Some briefings on the basics as we shift direction.

Thermaflex ductsHank of yellow RomexThey might be fortune cookie messages: The biggest gains come when you stop losses... Seal the envelope... Less work means less wear and tear and a longer time before things wear out... If you don't need it, don't feed it...  Make it cheaper, not cheap... Cut the chains of consequence... Don't trust the term trivial... Don't spend the dough if the ROI says no... you get the idea.

Mound of US coinsThere are several ways you can approach this. You can read up on our briefings ahead of time for a little better understanding of why and how our project choices get made. Or you can wait until we post the projects and just read those, make a decision about whether or not you want to pursue any of them, and take it from there. You can also listen to Marty Winston weekly segments on these subjects on The Personal Computer Radio Show, on Computer Talk Radio or in their archives at the linked sites.

Water heater leak in basementWe'll take the same overall approach to each project:

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Savings On The House

   SAVINGS ON THE HOUSE: Payback projects for the house you already own

  • Cut energy costs to maybe 40% of what they are now
  • Forestall expensive repair and replacement costs for up to 40 years
  • Live more comfortably and more safely

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February 1, 2019 update