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Welcome to our
Book of the House
Web site


Building an energy-miserly,  40-years-maintenance-free
ultra-automated proof-of-concept house

  Why & how & more - full details (more or less) on everything. 

Our inspiration was a light bulb - specifically an LED bulbTCP A19

When we switched to LED bulbs we saw our electric bill drop and knew we could go more than 20 years without replacing them. Then we learned that LED fixtures last twice as long as bulbs, so we began wondering what else we could do to cut energy costs and avoid maintenance chores for a very long time. That led us to redefine the way the market was treating home automation products into the concept of an autonomous house - one that can adjust itself to the needs of its occupants as well as the needs of the structure, without requiring human intervention.

So we committed to a scary-big editorial project: designing and building a proof-of-concept house that comes as close as we can get to fulfilling these goals. But perhaps we should begin with a mutual understanding of how we interpret thoses.

TomeThe Book of The House

For media people covering this project and needing assets...

for educators working the lessons of this house into the classroom...

and for anybody who just wants to know more...

Every detail we can gather is (or will be) on this Web site, designed to serve as The Book of The House.

Here's a quick guide to where the tabs can take you.

These main tabs lead you to more places with, for example, high-resolution photography, video, audio streams of interviews, Newstips reports and reviews, narratives, product data sheets, links to product pages, links to company press contacts and more.

under_constructionThis site, like our project house, is still under construction. Please forgive the design flaws and missing chunks of stuff and please treat whatever we have up for you to see so far as a sneak peek, likely in need of editing and corrections plus significant amounts of  additional content. In short - we're not move-in ready - so be careful around the loose floorboards and make sure you're wearing a hard hat.

UPDATED DECEMBER 17: There’s finally content on the Progress page - plus rolling revisions everywhere - and we’re trying, at least, to get content onto more of the pages that have been incomplete or empty.


Builder Don Cerra, left, explains where the footprint of the house will be so the brush hog can do its work. October 10, 2016



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Editorial Project House

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Lot 14, Riding Ridge Court
Builder Don Cerra


Front elevation

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